Hand Surgery

The following list contains hand surgical procedures which Dr Mison performs on a regular basis. Most of these are Day Surgery procedures which can be carried out at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Lismore.

  • Carpal Tunnel Release.
  • Contracture (Dupuytrens Disease) release.
  • DeQuervain and trigger finger release.
  • Arthritis surgery. A quite common procedure performed is for arthritis at the base of the thumb.

In many instances, surgery is not the appropriate initial treatment. In particular, for arthritic conditions, referral to a rheumatologist, a specialist in the diagnosis and medical treatment of arthritis, might be a more useful step. Your GP is the best person to talk to first.

 Dr Mison also treats  a range of traumatic conditions of the hand such as:

  • Fractures of the hand and wrist.
  • Tendon injuries.
  • Digital (finger) nerve injuries.

Many hand conditions and procedures require input from a qualified hand therapist, in order to ensure the best outcome possible. Our practice has a close working relationship with local hand therapists.